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Washing Machines – Which Type Is Best For You

Washing Machines – Which Type Is Best For You

Are you thinking about to buy a new washing machine? Do you know there are two types of washing machine available – the first is top loading and the second is front loading? Have you decided which type is best for you or which one is fitted in your budget? Both machines have the same job, but the main difference between these two is the way of laundry.

When you have decided to buy a new washing machine, you may consider about various factors such as washing setting, spin cycle, fully automatic, semi-automatic and material of the tub and others. Apart from all these, first you need to decide which type of machine you want and which will meet your family’s needs.

Both models have some pros and cons. This is the main reason you need to know about both machines’ style and work efficiency. It will help you make the right decision that value your money.

Advantages of Top Loading Washing Machine

  1. Don’t require special detergent: Most of the people don’t realize that front loading machines require special detergent that called high efficiency detergent. But on the other hand, top loading machine does not require high efficiency detergent.
  2. No need to bend: If you have a front loading machine, you need to bend to load laundry. Some people who have back pain problem, are not capable to load front loading machine. For those people top loading is the best choice.
  3. Separate dryer: Every top loader comes with a separate dryer. If the dryer creates any problem to dry the clothes, you are able to use washer only for laundry.

Disadvantages of Top Loading Washing Machine

  1. Consume more energy: This is the foremost cons of top loaders. It uses more energy as compared to front loaders. If you don’t want to pay extra bucks on your electricity bill, buy a front loader.
  2. Use more water: Top loaders require more water to wash your dirty clothes than front loaders. Before making your decision, at least once think about it.
  3. Tub size: Top loaders don’t have a large tub. Means if you have a large amount of clothes to wash, you cannot wash them in the first wash.

Advantages of Front Loading Washing Machine

  1. Used less detergent: It’s true that these machines require high efficiency detergent, but the front loader does not require as much detergent as top loaders.
  2. Used less water and electricity: Front loader uses less water and less energy to wash clothes. This is the main reason people invest in it.
  3. Less expensive: This machine is less expensive as compared to top loading machine. So, if you don’t have enough bucks to buy a top loader, you can think about a front loader.

Disadvantages of Front Loading Washing Machine

  1. Mold an odor: Front loading machines develop mold and odor problem very quickly. If you don’t pay attention to it, a musty odor will come from your clothes.
  2. Extra bends: You need to bend for loading and unloading. Bending again and again can lead to backache problem, especially for old people.
  3. Time consuming: Front loading washing machines take more time to wash your clothes as compared to top loading machines.

There you have all the advantages and disadvantages of front loading washing machine and top loading washing machine. Given these pros and cons will help you make a wise decision. To know more about it, make a call to Brampton Appliance Repair.

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