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The Most Common Dryer Problems and Their Solutions

The Most Common Dryer Problems and Their Solutions

It can be a very frustrating for anyone when a dryer fails to perform. How’s you feel when you press the dryer’s start button and nothing happens. It is one of the worst feelings that you may have not felt. A dryer is a vital appliance in your house that helps you to dry your wet clothes, especially in the winter season. It may create various problems in front of you if you don’t take good care of it.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the unexpected happens with their home or kitchen appliances. The dryer is one of them and when it is not doing its job, it will leave you scratching your head. Here are a few common problems that you face with your dryer while you are drying your clothes.

  1. Failure to start: You put your wet clothes in the dryer, after twenty minutes it buzzes, you see that your clothes just as wet as they were. After hitting the start button, if there is nothing happens, check the main power cord. Make sure it is properly plugged in and there is no damage. If there is no problem with the cord, then check your home’s electrical panel.
  2. The dryer fails to heat: If your dryer fails to create heat, you need to check there is nothing blocking the front of your appliance. Air flow is crucial to efficient drying. Whether you have a gas or electric dryer, both come with thermal fuse and thermal cut off safety devices that are installed on the blower housing. It works as a safeguard against overheating and fire.
  3. It makes unusual noises: Sometimes you hear squealing noise from the dryer, it is common. But when it comes so loudly, you have to address it before it leads to additional damages. An awkward sound could be a sign of a worn drum. A dryer has so many moving parts that can create a noise. To prevent this noisy problem make sure there is nothing loose inside the drum.
  4. It creates too much heat: When you load wet clothes and turn on the cycle, it may be producing too much heat and resulting in burn attires. If you have already experienced this problem, you don’t want to take this risk again with another load. However, the issue may need to fix the parts of your appliance like the glides, the rollers and the drum seal. To perform this job, it is crucial to hire an appliance repair professional.

To prevent any kind of problem with your home appliances, it is crucial to perform a maintenance on a regular basis. A regular maintenance will help you to keep your appliance in good working condition. If you face any problem with your home appliances, contact us at Brampton Appliance Repairs.

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